121 S. Hope Avenue D111B

Santa Barbara CA 93101

Welcome to the HEALING HUB Santa Barbara website! It is with our great honor and pleasure to share about our rapidly growing conscious community that is deeply rooted in the highly effective transformational healing work we offer at our new location at La Cumbre Plaza, HEALING HUB Santa Barbara. This healing work takes the form of extremely soul enriching, powerful and life changing seminars that we are now calling the “heavenly dome experience.” We say this, because the feeling and the sensation you get is of immense love, interconnectedness, compassion, authenticity and soul family that is profoundly discovered while in every 3 day seminar experience! There are also other workshops, classes and events such as goddess gatherings, manifest your partner parties, and “Networthing” for women that are upcoming and they are exceptionally helpful, healing and inspiring. We feel confident that within the work we are offering at the hub, you will experience life changing and highly impactful work that can bring more ease, love, peace and manifestation of what you truly desire into your life within your relationship with yourself, with your beloved, friendships, partnerships, your money and with your business.
So, If you are ready for powerful beneficial change and spiritual advancement in your life, you have come to the right place at the right time! We are so greatly pleased you have found us! See you soon!

Seminar info aug 11 to 13

Our seminars are conducted by Transformational and Relationship expert Dale Halaway and they take you on a deeply meaningful and healing journey that when you leave it is true that you will no longer be the same. Dale masterfully helps individuals who are ready to let go of the old story and remember more and more of who they really are! Do you know who you are? The real you? Do you bring the real you into your life and your relationships? If your answer is no or perhaps I don’t know, then join us soon for the next empowering seminar Aug 11-13 at the Hub for ,”How To Be the Real You In Your Relationships.” We invite you to invest in yourself and say yes to becoming the real you in this lifetime! The real shining YOU that has discovered true inner peace!